Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas Thanks with bling

This thank you card features a background cut from music gift wrap from one of my Christmas gifts!  I just stamped it with my stipple stamp (SU) in blue and green ink to coordinate with my focal element and glued it to the front of a blue card. The focal element is an image that I cut from an old calendar - love those collaged images!!  I layered the image onto blue cardstock and used an eyelet border punch (SU) on the bottom edge before I adhered it to my card front with 3D foam tape.  I added a strip of green cardstock below that and layered on a small laser printed & sponged greeting and three little blue rhinestones.  The strip works as a design element and also hides a bit of damage on the background.  A win - win!!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Cards with paper mosaic backgrounds!

My sister was visiting on the weekend and we sorted through a pile of old Christmas cards making three piles - first, some that I could easily refurbish, second some that needed to be donated as art supplies and the last that I would add to my serendipity supplies which also included any card backs which make great substrates for this technique.  Overnight, I got to thinking if there might be another technique I could use these supplies for and came up with mosaics which I have been wanting to explore for a while.  I chose cards that contained glitter, trimmed them into 3/4" x 3/4" pieces and then
glued the squares from two different cards to black cardstock alternating the squares as I glued them down.  I left a bit of a margin between my squares and my sister left very little.  As you can see she managed to get 35 square on her quarter sheet and I ran out of room!  She brought hers home and will be working with hers and I have die cut mine into a heart and flower.  My sister, Sylvia, made little birdie cards with hers.  You can check them out here.  She is running a blog giveaway right now - you could win one of her beautiful calendars!!!

Here are the cards I created using my two die cuts.  For my first card, I layered my flower die cut (TH) with a black flower punchie (SU), then a foil die cut embellished with alcohol inks and finally a small black punchie and held all of them together with a tiny black brad.  I found the background in my stash - a scrap of white cardstock that has been used several times to clean off a flourish stamp in several different colours.  I added faux stitching all the way around with a black permanent marker, added a black ribbon gluing the ends to the back with double sided tape before I glued the whole element to the front of a brown card.  I used 3D foam tape to adhere my focal element and my layered punchie greeting (SU) to the front of my card.  For my second card, I layered my die cut heart (SZ) over a hand painted red background paper and used scallop decorative scissors to trim all the way around.  I found the quarter sheet of white cardstock with embossed hearts on it in my stash and adhered it to my red card front after I added a length of red organza ribbon.  I layered on my heart focal element with 3D foam tape over the ribbon and did the same with my layered punchie greeting. It still needed a bit of something so I added three little punchie hearts in gray, pink and red to the left hand side of my large heart and that worked well.
I have decided to use these two cards for my card exchange this month so they will be off to my swap partners in tomorrow's mail!!
It is always fun to play with a new technique!!  It is interesting that I could make two cards that used such different colour schemes using die cuts from the same piece of handmade paper mosaic background.


Christmas Thanks with fiber and music

Christmas Thank you cards!!  I am using music gift wrap that came on one of my gifts to make the backgrounds for these cards!  REUSE!!
I used an old multicolour stamp pad to add colour to the sort of glossy paper and then a paper towel to blend it and wipe it dry.  It was not full size so I cut it in two and added a laser printed greeting in between them when I glued them to my black card front.  I tied a length of fuzzy fiber around the card and made a double knot just next to the greeting and left the long ends to add texture to my card.  I really wanted to add a 3D embellishment but did not find anything in my stash that enhanced my design so eventually left it as it was!!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas Thanks with a heart and embossing

For this thank you card I inked the music gift wrap with two different purple inks.  I wiped them off to blend them and to ensure that surface was dry.  I ripped out a strip and glued both sides onto the front of a purple card.  I embossed the space in between with a border embossing folder and then added a stamped quote in a hand cut heart.  I added a coordinating picot ribbon near the bottom.  I used my slot punch (SU) to trim the spine which made a perfect opening in which to slip the end of my ribbon and adhere it to the inside front using double sided tape.  The other end is secured the same way.  I added a sponged greeting punchie using 3D foam tape over the ribbon and then tied a short piece of ribbon to the one on the front to simulate a bow.
A few more to go!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Thanks with a flourish and butterflies

I have been slowly making thank you cards for sending to the people who have been a blessing for our family over the holidays with gifts and times of fun and food!!!
This year I have chosen this beautiful music gift wrap from one of my gifts to use as a background.  I unwrapped the gift knowing that I wanted to reuse the paper so I was able to salvage almost the whole piece.  I trimmed as many 4" x 5.25" pieces as I could from the whole and then cut the leftovers into pieces that would be usable.
For this card I started with a full piece and inked it with two different inks - reddish brown and a dark red.  The paper is glossy so it takes a while for the ink to dry so I used my heat gun and then just wiped the surface to make sure it was all dry.  I like the effect - it softly spreads the colour and unifies the colour with the printing.  I cut a large flourish out of the middle and glued the background to the front of a dark red card.  I found the two butterfly punchies in my stash and glued on some gold cording to simulate bodies and antennae.  I sponged my oval punchie greeting (Papercraft Magazine) with ink to coordinate with the other elements and layered it onto a dark red scalloped oval (SU). I applied these three elements to the card front with 3D foam tape.  I will be posting the other cards in the next few days.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Birthday card with embossed foil

I created this card for my brother who has a birthday in early January.  I started by gluing foil to a 4.25" x 5.5" piece of heavy cardstock using a glue stick and folding the edges to the back and gluing those down as well.  I embossed it with a gears embossing folder and then applied several layers of ink, paint and permanent marker.  I wiped off the excess in between the colours/mediums and also sanded the high spots a couple of times.  I found this ART stamped image in my stash and embellished it with several layers of watercolour and stamping before I embossed it with the same embossing folder and then ran a brown stamp pad over it to highlight the embossing.  It was too bright so I toned it down with another layer of brown colour wash which resulted in more the look I was going for.  I glued it to my embossed foil layer using double sided tape.  I trimmed and watercoloured the coffee cup image and layered it onto black.  I cut two flags to layer onto the back - one from wood decorative paper and one from the same cardstock I used for the card.  They also seemed too bright so I toned them down by stamping them with a background stamp and some brown ink.  I applied this focal element to the right hand side of the card and added my layered greeting to the left hand side which allowed the large wheel in the embossing to show.  Very happy with how it turned out and will be sending it on it way today!


Twig wreath

I have finally finished my twig wreath!!!  I started more than a year ago when I designed the wreath and had DH create the substrate - a donut cut from thin wood.  I collected the willow twigs after the trimming of the willows in the early spring and cut them all to size - small, medium and large. They had been sitting in the back garage drying for more than a year so this summer I took the time to glue them all to the substrate with hot glue.  I was very happy with how that went and trimmed all the hot glue strings in preparation for painting.  I had wanted to paint it light gray but others liked the very earthy colour of it in its natural state so it sat yet for a another while.  About a month ago I decided that I would paint it light gray as I had originally planned so went looking for paint.  I had thought mat finish but could not find anything besides primer that was matt finish and it was too dark a gray for what I wanted.  So bought light gray enamel paint in a spray can with the plan to spray it with clear matt finish.  I sprayed the wreath 4 times over the course of one day - one coat on the back and three on the front.  I used a produce crate to support it while drying which worked really well.  I am very happy with how it turned out as it still has lots of texture and depth which may have disappeared if I had continued to add layers of paint.  While I was out buying paint I found this burlap poinsettia discounted in the Christmas aisle of Peavy Mart.  I bought one red - all they had - and one beige.  I dismantled the beige one and applied a colour wash of green acrylic paint to the largest petals and then dismantled the red one, removed the spacer and added the green one to the back!!!  Perfect!!  I wired them together and then added them to the wreath with the wire once I had positioned the flower where I wanted it.  It was ready in time to put up for Christmas!!  I have felted wool roses in three sizes (Thanks, Suzanne) which I will do up to add to the wreath for the rest of the year.  It looks exactly as I had hoped it would!!!


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Handmade ornament for a gift exchange

I made this little quilted tree ornament for a gift exchange at our family Christmas on Christmas Day.  I found the top layer of the tree in my stash which I created at the same time as this one.  I finshed this one a little differently.  I added some batting which I machine stitched in place following the lines in the quilting.  I cut the same sized tree out of green felted wool and stitched it all the way around with green thread on the front and red thread in the bobbin.  I added a red rick rack garland and secured it with a few stitches where it touched the edges.  With the layers secured I used red floss to blanket stitch all the way around being sure to secure the garland on all the edges.  I found this white beaded trim in the bag with the tree so I decided to use it to trim the tree edges.  I simply stitched in into place along the edge using overhand stitches and white thread.  It softened the red outline which the blanket stitching had created which worked out better than I expected.  I stitched on some sequins - red, green and gold  - adding seed beads to keep them secure.  I stitched several beads in place on the garland to keep it in its place and add yet more sparkle.  I stitched on a rick rack hanger and added the layered sequin star which is secured by a little yellow crystal bead.  I added a drop of glue where the pearl beaded trim joined up to keep both ends aligned.  I added a tag on the back with my name and the year.  This ornament will be combined with a consumable gift which all has to fit in a shoe box and be wrapped in newsprint.  Looking forward to a great Christmas with my family!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Versatile sketch that features layers and a die cut

I made a few card kits for my last class that featured all occasion greetings and subject matter for anyone who might be interested in not making Christmas cards.  It was fun to use this very versatile sketch to make cards for any occasion.  Here you can see that I made ones for a birthday and anniversary.  It is just a matter of substituting appropriate elements - hearts and a leaf die cut instead of the little tree and changing the greeting.  I love versatile sketches!!!